Types of Pet Cats for New Pet Guardians

The decision to share your home with a new cat can be daunting for first time pet guardians. But no matter how hard that may be, successfully choosing a little bundle of fur with a personality that complements your own can be a truly rewarding experience. Do you like inviting people over? Are you looking for a cat that automatically climbs on your lap the moment you get home or are you looking for an independent kitty that prefers to sit nearby? There are many factors to consider when choosing your new feline best friend. This list is meant to introduce some of the world's most popular cat breeds for those who are looking for their four-legged soul mate.

Purebred Cats

Purebred Cats

Purebred cats are characterized by distinct looks and often exhibit predictable behavior. Though these are not a hundred percent guaranteed, they do increase the likelihood of having a pet with desirable traits. One caveat is that not every breed is equal in terms of health issues. Each one comes with their own considerations and recommended maintenance regimens that should be confirmed with your breeder.


Siamese Cat

The Siamese is a graceful and slender Oriental cat breed. It originated in Siam, or as we know it today, Thailand. The breed's angular features, long tapering tail and distinct, deep blue eyes appeal to many cat fanciers. It is a short-haired breed that features a sleek coat with very fine texture. The eyes are slanted, with an almond shape that lends the signature, "oriental" look. These striking physical features topped with an inquisitive, loving nature have won over the hearts of many, becoming one of the most popular breeds in both Europe and North America.

If you are looking for a companion that never tires of activity and is wonderful with kids, then this breed may be for you. The Siamese is a social breed that needs people around in order to flourish. They are talkative and have a tendency to speak their mind as soon as their favorite human gets home. If this demanding breed seems perfect for you, consider getting a pair so that the two can keep each other busy on days that you want some me time.


Orange Persian Cat

Now, if you want a cat that craves attention yet is not as chatty or active as the Siamese, then you may want to check out the Persian. This breed is characterized by its shortened muzzle, framed by a charming round face. Persians are sweet-tempered long-haired cats that are content to lounge beside their devoted humans. After you win over the hearts of these placid beauties, they will crave your attention, looking forward to being petted. While they are not hyperactive, they still love to play in between rests. Due to their long, luxurious coats, Persians are meant for cat guardians who can spend time for daily grooming.


Sphynx Cat

As a polar opposite of the long-haired Persian, the Sphynx is characterized by its lack of thick hair. Appearing to be bald, touching Sphynx skin has often been compared to warm chamois or suede. The Sphynx is extremely friendly, with a tendency to burrow under the covers with their human at bed time. They get along well with house guests, regardless if they are two-legged or four-legged visitors. They are intelligent, highly active felines. Some have even been able to learn how to fetch toys!

If you like affectionate felines that are more than happy to welcome guests, the Sphynx may be for you. Just remember that though daily brushing is not required, they do need baths to keep excess oil off their skin.

Mixed Breed

Mixed Breed Cat

Though specific breeds tend to have more predictable behavior, it is important to remember that no two cats are the same. There is no guarantee that a litter of Persians will be perfectly behaved or that Siamese cats will always be demanding. That being said, the Mixed Breed is a popular choice for those who wish to choose their perfect pal based on observation and not solely on a breed standard, likely temperament.

Mixed Breed cats, affectionately called "Moggies" come with their own distinct personality. They come in all kinds of beautiful colors, some with their own coat "accessories" such as the tuxedo pattern or patches on the feet that resemble boots. They often combine the best traits of their parents, especially health-wise. They are often hardy, with extreme genetic mutations naturally diluted by their mixed heritage.

Though there are many breeds to choose from, one thing is for certain: all cats are equal in their capacity to be devoted to their humans. While dogs are often seen as loyal best friends, cats can become just as affectionate once their trust is earned. It is important to be responsible in choosing where to get your pet. Ask questions, be prepared and get to know your chosen breeder or shelter. More importantly, expect the unexpected. Respecting your feline family member's unique quirks will be rewarded with a wonderful, life-long companionship