Toys Cats Will Enjoy

cat scratcher

Cats are a favorite for plenty of pet lovers all over the globe. They're in movies, video games and internet memes. Even Google's cutting edge AI learned to recognize cat videos on its own thanks to the staggering amount of Youtube videos dedicated to felines.

Now, if a certain kitty has already won your heart, or if you've been tuning into Animal Planet's "My Cat from Hell", you'd know that having the right toys handy keeps him happy and healthy. For the uninitiated, this may seem like a daunting task considering the variety out in the market. Worry not, this list is for you.

1. Scratchers

You what else cats have aside from luxurious soft fur? They have claws. These claws have many uses for the kitty but pet parents often see these as prickly little weapons of mass destruction. However, when your cat scratches furniture, it doesn't mean he hates you, he's just fulfilling a biological need to keep his claws in tip-top shape. However, there is a way to compromise, and this is by providing him with a scratching surface that's more interesting than your leather couch. Aside from scratch posts, scratchers such as the KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher Cat Toy will give an irresistible alternative. This particular scratch toy is made with renewable resources and is recyclable. It even comes with a small bag of catnip that you can sprinkle on your surface to make it even more enticing for your kitty.

2. Cat Dancers

Playing plays a big role in establishing a bond with your indoor cat. Not only will this help him keep fit, it also stimulates his hunting instincts, giving him the confidence to mingle with other members of the family. That being said, feather toys give you the opportunity to establish a play routine with your favorite feline. The Cat Dancer 301 Cat Charmer Interactive Cat Toy consists of a polycarbonate wand and a colorful fabric ribbon that swishes softly when waved. Do take note that while the ribbon is quite firmly attached to the wand, this toy is meant for supervised play. You should not let your kitty play with this on his own because he may just like it enough to chew up and eat.

Kitten Playing

3. Tunnels

They say that having two cats is better than one --and why not? If you happen to chance upon cats with compatible personalities, they will each have a friend for life. What better way to encourage two cats to develop a good relationship than to set the stage for enriching play sessions. Cat tunnels help encourage curiosity, which is also essential in building your kitty's confidence. The SmartyKat CrackleChute Collapsible Tunnel Cat Toy measures 9.5" in diameter and is 35" long, giving cats plenty of crawl space. It crackles with every step too, giving cats audio cues when in play. If you intend to bring it along on family trips or if you intend to keep it stored for a while, you can simply use the built in strings to tie it up as it retracts to about 2" deep.

No matter which cat toy you go for, it is important to read accompanying instructions carefully and to observe your cat's behavior when his new treat is introduced. If he doesn’t take to it right away, maybe he needs some encouragement. By placing a familiar object nearby or allowing the new toy to absorb familiar smells, it becomes more inviting to cautious or timid kitties. Though every feline has his own unique quirk, keep in mind that they all have an inner hunter. Bringing it out is one of the secrets to keeping them (and you) happy.