Cat Fun on Your Phone

Wake the Cat

Wake the Cat on Your Phone

Who knew waking up a cat was so complicated? In Chillingo's Wake the Cat may look like a brain bender created for kids but with all the zany interactive items scattered about Grandma's house, even adults are in for a challenge. The opening cut scene effectively sums up what you have to do for all 90 puzzle levels: get the yarn from point A to point kitty. From the Hall to the Yard, you'll have to make use of trajectory altering objects such as toy trains, slipper portals and gravitational fields to wake the slumbering kitty and finish the level.

The game's touch screen controls are intuitive. Press and drag until the arrows align with the direction you wish the yarn to go and release it. Watch it bounce around obstacles or even manipulate its path by moving items around on the fly. Blue-colored objects can be tapped in order to interact with them. Fans, for instance, may be switched on or off with a single touch. This offers a way to send the yarn flying to whatever direction the fan is pointing, possibly skipping other obstacles in the process.

Wake the Cat on Your Phone

Speaking of obstacles, not all items are interactive in Wake the Cat. While blue-colored trains may be stopped in the tracks, others will test your timing by continuously moving along their path. This may even be combined with other obstacles such as pipes or teleport slippers to make things more challenging. Perhaps the peskiest of all obstacles is the sticky tape which stops yarn in its tracks, halting all possible movement towards the sleeping kitty. While the objects are limited in number, the game manages to combine them in such a way that will tempt even older players into pressing the hint button.

Hints are free, well, as long as you only use one per hour. Otherwise, you'll have to pay extra to get access to unlimited hints. You can also unlock all of the levels off the bat, but that is a premium feature too. Because of the sheer number of stages and the promise of more content coming soon, the game is worth the initial investment. However, it may be deemed too expensive for a few days of fun if you factor in the in-app extras. In cases where you allow your little one to play the game, you may want to manually disable in-app purchases if that's an issue.

The colorful 3D graphics look great and the sleepy kitten is just downright cute. We appreciate that the game does away with lengthy explanations and instead uses a short cut scene to demonstrate its mechanics to, potentially, young players. There's no complicated story behind the game either. Basically, yarn plus sleeping cat equals a completed level. It can't get simpler than that.

Wake the Cat on Your Phone

Though we do applaud the game for its level design, the physics itself has a few quirks. For instance, a yarn passing through a gravitational field may end up in an unexpected direction in one try and successfully get to its intended path on a retry. Thankfully, the chance of that happening is pretty rare so you'll be enjoying most of the game without hiccups.

With its considerable number of levels, Chillingo developed Wake the Cat is a light-hearted puzzle game that is great for puzzle fans of all ages giving other popular cat themed games such as Sushi Cat a run for their money. Because there are some stages which require split second timing, parents may need to help kids get past levels. Otherwise, it is enjoyable to find a solution to a puzzle using the game's path tracing feature.

You can get Wake the Cat at Google Play for Android owners and at iTunes for iPhone owners.

Gather Powerful Feline Heroes in Cat War 2

Gather Powerful Feline Heroes in Cat War 2

Its a classic case of cats versus Dogs in Cat War 2, a strategy game created by West River Software. In this freemium title, you are the Catphinx, a god helping the citizens of the Kingdom of Cats to beat nasty canine invaders and rescue their kittens. To help the cat army win the war are powerful heroes. You just need to have enough diamonds (the game's farmed or paid currency) to hire them.

The freemium part of this game isn't really so bad. With a little perseverance, you can actually play the game completely free. All you will have to do is to replay the missions several times to save up enough diamonds for the heroes, items and upgrades. If you do end up liking the game, then replaying levels shouldn't be a problem.

Because everything is touch based and menu buttons are intuitive, it's quite easy to get the hang of Cat War 2's controls. For instance, touching any of the unit icons will launch that cat type into the battle field. Cooldowns are shown by highlighting unit icons gradually and so on. The battle field stretches beyond the screen. You forces are represented using blue dots on the diagram at the top of the screen. On the other hand, red dots represent your canine opponents. Each team has a building at the end wherein attackers stream out of. Your job is to gather resources to summon units so you could use them to defeat the hostiles. After you have your attackers, it's time to try and muscle your way to the enemy building in order to destroy it. You will need to decide where to invest as calling in any new unit, even farmers, will use up your resources.

Gather Powerful Feline Heroes in Cat War 2

With its polished look and excellent character design, Cat War 2 gets high marks in the graphics department. The illustrations are cleanly outlined, with the hero units aptly more prominent and intimidating than regular troops. It helps that the design helps distinguish the speciality of each of the cat types. The playing fields look nice, and are illustrated the same way as the characters and the menus. Basically the individual visual elements blend in well together. The animations are seamless too, which is definitely a feat when the screen gets crowded with cats,

Gameplay-wise, this title isn't anything we haven't seen before. Aside from deploying attackers quickly, beating a level is usually dependent on whether or not you've been able to afford a suitable hero unit. It's a race against time as the AI attempts to overcrowd the playing field. Thankfully, there are handy items which increase the game speed so that you can breeze through farming.

Replayability really depends on what you're looking for in a game. The levels are not particularly inspired or challenging. They just tend to get longer, with enemy units continually becoming more and more formidable. Of course the AI sends out waves perfectly so even if there's very little actual strategy involved, you will be on your toes trying to keep up.

Gather Powerful Feline Heroes in Cat War 2

Casual gamers and those who are new to the strategy game genre will surely enjoy using Cat War 2's simple game system. Because winning usually only entails fast reflexes and good preparation, hardcore strategy fans may find the repetitive formula boring. It's really too bad that they did not include online leader boards or PvP skirmishes as that would offer some much needed variety. If you need a game to fill in breaks or a cut and dry title to relax to, then Cat War 2 is a contender. On the other hand, if it's a challenge you're looking for, then you may want to skip it and recommend it to newbie friends instead.

Film Buffs Absolutely Need to Play Movie Cat 2 - The Movie Trivia Game Sequel!

Film Buffs Absolutely Need to Play Movie Cat 2 - The Movie Trivia Game Sequel

Who doesn't appreciate a good movie app? Wait, let's rephrase that. Who doesn't appreciate an awesome movie app with cats in it? If you love dropping by the cinema, renting videos or if you just have a weakness for all things feline, then Movie Cat 2 may just be your ticket to a fun-filled work break. Trust us, it's addicting.

The original Movie Cat (or to be specific, "MovieCat!") was a hit back when it was released in 2010. It combined a unique presentation with challenging trivia questions. The result was nothing short of charming, able to engage even the pickiest couch potato. Movie Cat 2 follows in the footsteps of the original by retaining the core game play. Just like in its predecessor, you are given a choice to play the game in Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty. You will need to answer five trivia questions per round. The categories for these questions are randomized per game. If at any point you wish to change the categories, you may opt to shuffle them. You have three chances to mix the categories --although part of the fun is asking friends or family members when you're in a pinch.

Film Buffs Absolutely Need to Play Movie Cat 2 - The Movie Trivia Game Sequel

If you're into trivia apps, Movie Cat 2 is an essential. With over a thousand text-only and visual puzzles, the sheer number of different questions will tickle your brain and remind you why you love (or hate) particular movies. Even if you don't usually pick up interesting tidbits from the films you watch, you'll be quoting famous lines in no time as answers are displayed after each puzzle. The content is pretty up-to-date too, with 2013 blockbusters popping up every now and then.

Though for the most part, the game remains largely the same as its predecessor, there are six new categories for veterans to enjoy. There's Kitty Fare which tackles children's movies, the retro vibe Classics category, Rhyme Time which makes use of witty limericks, In Quotes, "Details, Details" which highlights film factoids and PropArt which features iconic props from films. Rounding off the set are fourteen categories from the original. Having a good grasp of the oldies will at least give you a slight boost in confidence for the game's two-player competitive mode.

Yes, you read that right. You can put your trivia knowledge to the test against friends in Movie Cat 2's competitive mode. Well, as long as you're using the same device that is. It features a simple system in which players take turns to answer questions. You are given points based on how fast you answered as well as your remaining kitty lives. To differentiate you from your rival are various avatars. Film-themed of course, so you can be Kill Bill's "The Bride" if you want to. If you're into achievements, then you won't be disappointed either. Movie Cat 2 even has Leaderboards to climb to show you're really serious about proving your trivia prowess.

Film Buffs Absolutely Need to Play Movie Cat 2 - The Movie Trivia Game Sequel

It's nice to see that Movie Cat 2 isn't lagging behind in terms of graphics too. Sure, it would be easy to just slap a few LOLcats in between each movie question, but lazy OtherWise Games is not. They made brand new cat-tastic movie scenes that are too adorable to miss out on. Actually, seeing Joker, Carrie or Harry Potter kitties served as a great motivator for us to say "just one more round". Being a text-heavy game, we're also happy to see that readability and negative spaces were taken into consideration when creating the layout. With the thoughtful placement of elements and adorable cat art, there's really nothing we don't like about the overall design.

We were fans of MovieCat! then and we're big fans of Movie Cat 2 - The Movie Trivia Game Sequel! now. Though the developers could have just released a part 2, so to speak, they didn't. There is a significant number of improvements to the already successful trivia formula, making Movie Cat 2 an essential part of your iOS app arsenal. The graphics are superb, retaining the clean look of the first game and adding new Cat Scenes to unlock and enjoy.

If you love movies, or cats, or games that will exercise your brain, then look no further. Movie Cat 2 is most definitely worth the purchase. You can even share the app with your buddies using its built-in competitive mode, or just have fun with the family while answering the app's impressive amount of questions.