cat scratcher

Cats are a favorite for plenty of pet lovers all over the globe. They're in movies, video games and internet memes. Even Google's cutting edge AI learned to recognize cat videos on its own thanks to the staggering amount of Youtube videos dedicated to felines.

women grooming her cat

Though cats are well-liked across the globe, there is a universal truth that pet parents all agree on: speaking "cat" is very tricky. Don't despair. By being a keen observer and reading the signs with an open eye, you will be able to keep your feline friend happy while establishing acceptable house boundaries too.

mother and baby kitten showing affection to each other

The decision to share your home with a new cat can be daunting for first time pet guardians. But no matter how hard that may be, successfully choosing a little bundle of fur with a personality that complements your own can be a truly rewarding experience. Do you like inviting people over?